Eero Wifi Review

The Eero Home WiFi System will get rid of spotty WiFi for good

We've all experienced a very familiar problem: slow, spotty WiFi. Maybe you get that spinning wheel when you try to stream Netflix or use Apple TV. Maybe you keep freezing when you FaceTime. Maybe you have to unplug and replug in your router all the time. Eero is trying to solve that familiar problem by offering hyper fast, super stable, wall-to-wall WiFi to every square foot of your house.

No More Buffering. No More Dead Zones.

At Inspire, our tech team has tested dozens of smart home products, and this one is a big winner that many of us use in our own homes.

First, this is an easy to set up product — just one power cord and one ethernet cord. So you don't have to be a tech person to switch your network to Eero. Second, if you're serious about smart tech, or planning to be part of the early adoption wave, you'll need to upgrade your WiFi as table stakes. It's common to experience problems with having multiple smart tech devices on the network provided by your internet provider, so Eero solves a more advanced problem1, too. Think of it as a platform product for future smart tech.


A couple caveats

It's really important that you right-size your Eero purchase2 to your home.

Just one Eero may work for a smaller home, but more likely than not, it's going to take 2 or 3 units to ensure best performance. Eero's specifications recommend one Eero per roughly 1,000 square feet of home. As such, their bundle pack, a set of three, will easily cover the average home (2,000 - 4,000 square feet).

Eero recently added some modest Alexa compatibility. It’s interesting to note that 20 percent of their user base currently has at least one Echo device on their network. It’s still early. For those of us like our Director of Product who waited for a Google Home rather than springing for an Alexa, we’re hoping to see more robust and more diverse platform compatibility soon.

Before you buy, Eero has great support3 to help you understand what will work best for your situation.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Eero finds the elusive middle ground of being simple, intuitive and intelligent.

Whether you're a gadget guy or just trying to watch an episode of Mad Men or Stranger Things without all the buffering, we think Eero is a no brainer.

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