Renewable Energy Benefits

Learn how renewable energy is different from dirty energy and what economic, social and environmental benefits it has.

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What is the difference between renewable energy and non-renewable energy?

The difference has to do with how each source generates energy.


With renewable energy, the energy is being generated by sources that don’t run out (or rather, are renewable). This can be either solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal or nuclear. The most commonly used are solar and wind power.


In contrast, fossil fuel generated energy is non-renewable as it’s limited by the source. Since there is only so much coal or oil in the earth, it’s only a matter of time before fossil fuels run out and there is no longer the possibility to generate energy from them. Power generated from fossil fuels is referred to as “dirty” because the process involves burning the oil or coal, which has a carbon byproduct.

What are the economic, environmental and social benefits of renewable energy?

Renewable energy can relieve the national debt and is predicted to create over 1 million jobs by 2025
Using renewable energy benefits the environment while the practices of strip mining, deforestation and burning fossil fuels hurt ecosystems
Renewable energy makes it cheaper to run a home – by installing solar panels or choosing a renewable energy provider, you can lower your utility bills

Are there disadvantages to renewable energy?

A lot of the hesitation people may feel when it comes to switching to renewable energy has to do with the upfront cost. While there is some initial investment involved with installing a solar system, these can also add value to the home. Over time, the system will more than pay for itself by how much it will lower operational costs.

In a deregulated energy market, it’s even easier for homeowners to switch to renewable energy because they can choose their energy supplier. By choosing a supplier that supports 100% renewable energy, they can support more renewable energy into the grid without having to worry about installing a system or maintaining one.

Find out if you’re eligible for a 100% renewable energy supply and start enjoying the benefits of renewable energy today.

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