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Why choose Inspire?

Inspire is proud to be a certified B-Corporation, holding ourselves to a high standard of accountability and transparency while putting people and the planet before profits in the pursuit of a clean energy future for our world.

Inspire is a Certified B Corporation.
Inspire is a Green America Certified Business.
Inspire is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.

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How it all started

Our vision began with one simple insight: the average home burns more than 8,000 pounds of coal each year.

About Inspire

Connecting your home to
renewable energy is easy

Join in only two minutes

Sign up online or call us directly to begin your clean-energy journey. All you need is your address and, if you have it handy, a recent electric bill.

Inspire takes care of the details

Inspire works directly with your utility to connect you to clean energy. They will still deliver electricity to your home, read your meters, and send you your bill, but Inspire will be your energy supplier.

Have an impact

When you sign up, we’re able to buy more clean energy on your behalf, increasing the amount of good power on the grid. And when there’s more clean energy on the grid, there’s less room for dirty energy.

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